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If your baggage is not found after arrival, we are guaranteed to send you 50% of the insured amount within 24 hours

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What can happen with your luggage? More than 25 million suitcases are lost worldwide every year

It is very unpleasant to realize that your belongings are lost, coming to another country. It ruins all your plans. Imagine that you flew to rest in a warm country and you do not have things for a beach holiday. Instead of solving business or work issues, you look for your luggage.

What will you do? How do you find luggage without knowing the language?

Luggage search is a waste of time and money!


How to solve this problem? Why luggage insurance is bought right now?

  • Last minute

    If you buy insurance at the last minute before your flight, it will take effect

  • Client support 24/7

    Free support (via messenger or phone)

  • All over the world

    EKTA covers flights all over the world with all airlines

  • Free of franchise

    Our insurance policy does not apply a franchise

  • Our guarantee

    EKTA will pay the first part of the compensation in the first 24 hours and the second part after 21 days

  • EKTA insurance company

    More than 2 650 000 clients trust us, 10 year experience at the insurance industry

  • Without checks and additional papers

    In order to receive compensation, you need to send us a photo of the PIR act through the chat bot

  • Equitable conditions

    No hidden clauses and restrictions in the contract

  • Fast compensation

    Compensation payment is credited to your bank card in the first 24 hours


Client confidence More than
2 650 000 clients
trust us

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    Based on 1030 reviews

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Luggage type Who is a luggage insurance policy suitable for?

  • Special baggage

    If you have an oversized and non-standard size luggage

  • Traveling with children

    Flight with a baby carriage or other accessories for children

  • Favorite things

    For the most important, valuable and favorite things that you don't want to lose

  • Sports and outdoor activities

    You carry bicycles, skis, snowboard, equipment for diving, surfing, golf and other equipment

  • Оrdinary flight

    Travel calmly and safely. We guarantee a refund

  • Music and art

    Various musical instruments and other art objects

  • Expensive equipment

    You carry valuable, expensive electronics, appliances and accessories

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What to do in case of lost luggage? 5 easy steps if your luggage is lost

Register lost luggage at the Lost and Found counter

Get PIR act

Send it to us in a way convenient for you

Get the first part of the compensation within 24 hours

Get the second part of the compensation in 21 days

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What to do if luggage is lost?

If upon arrival you find that your baggage is lost or delayed, you need to contact the Lost & Found airport service, make an application for the loss of luggage, then follow the link to the Telegram chat bot. Further, following the prompts, to record the application for the occurrence of an insured event.

What are the conditions of monetary compensation?

If your luggage is lost, the first part of the 50% compensation will be sent to your bank card within 24 hours. If the luggage is not found and lost within the 21st calendar day, the second part of the 50% compensation will be sent to your bank card within 24 hours.

What does luggage insurance cover?

The insurance covers the loss and delay of luggage by any airline around the world

How to contact us?

Write to us on Telegram

I have 2 tickets, which one do I need to specify?

In order to insure your baggage, you need to indicate the ticket number according to which you arrive at your destination.